Size Guide For Eyewear Frame

Most of us are very much aware of our foot size, waist size, apparel sizing’s as well but only a few know about what exact frame would fit their face.

There is four major way to know the exact size for the eyewear frame for yourself. We will describe all the 4 ways to help you find the perfect frame for you.

The very first and most popular way is card measurement, Here you have to follow the below-mentioned steps for the same.

Size Guide for Eyewear Frames | Spectoo

  • Normal frame width is equal to the horizontal hight of the credit/debit card.
  • Stand in front of a mirror & put the end of the card at the centre of your nose.
  • Now what you see will tell you, your frame size.
  • If the end of the card extends beyond the tip of your eye, your size is Small
  • If the end of the card also ends with the corner of your eye, your size is Medium
  • If the end of the card ends before the tip of your eye, your size is Large

Now let’s understand the 2nd way to measure your frame size with your existing frame. There are three different parameters of a frame that defines it’s sizing and these are Lens diameter/width – the horizontal diameter of the lens and its ranges between 40-60mm Bridge width – as the name says the portion of the frame that lays over the nose and it ranges between 15-25mm Temple Length – the full length of the temple (left and right sticks that connected via a screw) from screw to the end, it ranges between 110-150mm


Now the third way to measure your frame is a generic way where we follow a common approach like for most of the glasses wearer (applicable for more than 95% people) size Medium fits perfectly, Kids below 10yrs of age should go for kid-frame, but those teens aged between 10yr -16yr should opt for small size.

And the last but simplest way is where our professional eye specialist makes a specialized and most suitable frame for you. As we are passionate to make people look cool while correction their vision-related problems as well. Reach us today for discounted offers for first-time users.

Spectoo is committed to delivering world-class eyewear at an affordable price range. Keep in touch till we return with another technical specification or instructions guide for you.